October 21, 2021

Husqvarna FS 400LV Floor Saw's: Ready for Rental!

We are restocking on Husqvarna FS 400LV Floor Saw's for rental. This saw is the best in its class and is perfect for small to medium construction jobs. The following features make this floor saw stand out: a powerful 2-stroke engine, high torque transmission with low vibration levels, easy to operate, large water tank and more!

The intelligent, versatile FS 400 LV is an easy-to-use all-purpose petrol push floor saw. The adjustable handle allows for a comfortable working posture. Excellent balance and stability while sawing are provided by the ideal weight distribution. Ideal for small road repair tasks in concrete or asphalt up to 189 mm deep cutting capacity. The FS 400LV is a professional saw at a very affordable price. It has been an extremely reliable machine that provides fast cutting to ensure top performance.

For more information, please contact one of our rental experts to discuss floor saw hire!

Our Rental Floor Saw's Features

Easy to operate

This is a strong and robust product. It has a good distribution of weight and stability.

Adjustable handles

The handle can be folded and made smaller for easy transportation. It makes it easier to cut straight lines.

Easy to transport

A lightweight, portable floor saw that is simple to lift.

Large integrated water tank

Large integrated water tank with a fast connection for the water hose to the blade guard. For disassembly, no tools are required.

Low vibrations

Vibration is reduced thanks to the engine and blade shaft mounting system, which makes operating the machine more comfortable while also enhancing performance.

Clear depth indicator

This can be adjusted to fit all blade diameters.

Retractable handwheel

The handwheel can be folded to make the saw smaller. When you move it, this will help to avoid breaking it.