Concreting Equipment Hire, We Have The Equipment To Get The Job Done

GR8 stock all the concreting equipment that you will need to get your job done. If you are planning to carry out any home improvements or begin a project of a larger scale we can provide you with all the necessary concrete related tools to complete your job efficiently.

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Concrete & Cement Mixer Hire

Cement mixer hire is the perfect solution for large construction projects. Suitable for both site-mixed concrete and pre-mixed concrete, cement mixers come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Whether you're looking for a small cement mixer for domestic use or a large concrete mixer for commercial use, we have a cement mixer to suit your requirements. We also offer a range of accessories to make your cement mixing experience more efficient and enjoyable, including buckets, spades, and trowels.

Compaction Equipment For Hire

If you need to level out your garden or driveway and want to ensure a strong, stable base for new construction projects, then it's important to use a plate compactor. These powerful tools use vibrations to compact soil, gravel, or other materials, making them an essential investment for anyone who works in landscaping or construction. At GR8, we offer compactor hire services that are both affordable and easy to access. Whether you need a compacting machine for a day or for an extended project, our compactor hire services can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.