June 10, 2020

Wacker Plate Compactor Hire Restocked!

Plate Compactor Hire are now Restocked! This means that you can hire our Plate compactors for your next demolition, building or groundworks project. We offer a range of heavy duty machines that are ideal for any task-from scraping, levelling and tamping to gardening, sawing and breaking up concrete. Whatever you need done, we have the tools to get it done! These new Plate Compactors are a very welcomed addition to the fleet! Throughout the global pandemic we have seen an increase of people taking DIY projects at home creating a large demand for Plate Compactors and Cement Mixers .

Plate Compactors for hire

Did you know that Plate Compactors are the best form of machine to use if you're looking for a strong pile or embankment? They can be used on any ground, either flat or slightly sloped, and will work fantastically. Plate compactors are also great for carrying out landscaping projects to help create solid foundations. If you plan to do some major landscaping or gardening but don't want an uneven surface then the Plate Compactor is ideal for you!

All our Plate Compactors come with many safety features allowing peace of mind when hiring our machines, they also come fitted with three different speed modes meaning it caters for all user abilities! From beginner to experts everyone can benefit from using one of these fantastic Plate Compactors!


We have 6 brand new 1.5t Kubota diggers ready to go out!

The very versatile Kubota 1.5 Tonne Digger/Excavator has the advanced performance to take on almost any task. It can be equipped with breakers and post hole Auger.

Hit the link in our bio to enquire and dig into your projects potential.