Plant Hire, We Have The Equipment To Get The Job Done

Here at GR8 we offer a variety of different diggers, dumper and rollers. Whether it is a small landscaping project or a foundation for a new house we can supply you with everything you need.

Mini Digger Hire

Our mini digger hire service provides compact and versatile diggers perfect for small to medium-sized excavation tasks. Whether you’re digging foundations or creating trenches, our mini diggers offer precision and ease of use in tight spaces, ensuring your project proceeds smoothly.

Mini Dumper Hire

For efficient material transport, our mini dumper hire service is ideal. These dumpers are designed to navigate through narrow areas and handle significant loads, making them perfect for moving earth, gravel, and other materials quickly and effortlessly on your site.

Garden Roller Hire

Achieve a perfectly level lawn with our garden roller hire service. Garden rollers are essential for creating a smooth, even surface, whether you’re preparing a new lawn or maintaining an existing one. Our rollers are easy to operate and highly effective for all your landscaping needs.

Digger Pecker and Trailer Hire

In addition to mini diggers and dumpers, we also offer digger pecker attachments for breaking through tough surfaces like concrete and rock. Our trailer hire near me service ensures you can transport your equipment safely and conveniently to any site.