July 5, 2021

New Fleet of Diggers

Adding to our ever-expanding fleet of plant and machinery, Hos Plant have delivered us several new Kubota U17-3 diggers with our new custom branding. We have recently acquired a new fleet of excavators for hire, which are available to hire now! The difference between these and other excavators is that they are reliable and reasonably priced with a prompt and timely delivery services. There is an option to narrow down the type of excavator you're looking for on the website, as well as compare prices based on your needs. Our new fleet of excavators for hire boast a large operating weight, with a strong digging capacity.

Excavator for hire

These new excavators are perfect for all kinds of site conditions, with a high-performance undercarriage they are built to last. The track style give them more grip on uneven ground, making them safer. A main feature of our new fleet of excavators for hire is their durability, not only that, but they are fuel efficient.

Their engine is very powerful with a large capacity that can hold up in any terrain. We pride ourselves on the quality of our fleet, to ensure your satisfaction. With these new excavators for hire you will be sure to get the job done!

We have friendly and informative team members who will be able to answer any questions you may have and help with your hire before and after it has begun. Our new fleet of excavators for hire is just another way we are able to provide our customers with high quality tools and equipment for hire.